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Digital X-Rays

32 Smile Stone Digital X-Rays
What is a digital x-ray?
It is a form of an x-ray imaging technique where sensors are used instead of traditional radiographic film and the image is sent to a computer to be recorded and saved.

How is it taken?
With digital radiography, a sensor is inserted into the mouth to capture images of the tooth. The sensor is electronic and connected to a computer. Once the x-ray is taken, the image is projected on a screen by the dentist for viewing.

What are its Advantages?
» Less radiation: there is 70-80% less radiation exposure to patients.
» Shorter dental appointments: the x-ray image is developed instantly, so there is no waiting time.
» Higher quality images: the traditional x-rays are very small in size, making viewing difficult. On the other hand, digital x-rays can be enlarged; brightness & contrast adjusted allowing the dentist to read x-rays more efficiently. If you need a hard copy of your x-ray, digital images can also be printed out.
» Transferring dental records: the digital image can also be sent to other doctors immediately for additional review.
» Environmentally friendly: no chemicals are used to develop film; hence no need for a darkroom or storage space.

Hence, digital radiology offers many advantages when compared with traditional film based x-rays. Our digital dental x-ray centre in Delhi has both enhanced and improved our patient care.

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Bradley Cabulko, USA

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Bradley Cabulko, USA

Thank you so much for an efficient and professional treatment. Got a dental implant placed in her office.....

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