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Cosmetic Gum Treatment

What is Cosmetic Gum Treatment?
bleeding gum treatment
Cosmetic gum treatment is the process of re-contouring and re-shaping the gums to enhance cosmetics (short or long teeth). Cosmetic dental treatment can help reinvent your smile and improve your oral health.The smile line is mainly determined by:
» The shape and size of the lips.
» Your facial muscles.
» The shape and size of your teeth.
» Amount of gum tissue.

Why is it required?

To correct a "Gummy Smile" (excessive gum display)
A "Gummy Smile" can occur due to wear of teeth from grinding, a short upper lip or having a longer than usual upper jaw bone. The teeth appear too small and the gums look too large when you smile; basically the upper teeth are over-shadowed by excessive gum tissue.

To correct a "Long Tooth Smile" (long teeth / exposed roots)
As your gums recede, your teeth look much "longer" than normal. Such gum recession exposes the sensitive root surfaces which often make hot/cold food & drinks a painful experience. Teeth can become loose as your gums recede, make them look longer and overall an older look.
before bledding gum treatment Before

after bledding gum treatment After
Gum De-pigmentation
Gum pigmentation manifests differently for every patient. Some people notice small, dark spots on the gums, while others experience vast black or brown patches. A variety of techniques exists to remove gum pigmentation, also known as black gums. It can be done using surgical or laser techniques to remove the pigmented area and reveal the healthy, lighter coloured gum tissue beneath.

What Dental Procedures are needed??

Crown Lengthening
During this procedure, excess gum and bone tissue is removed to expose more of the crown of the tooth using surgical techniques. The gum line is sculpted to give your smile just the right look.

Gum Graft Surgery
Grafts and other root coverage procedures are designed to cover exposed roots, to reduce further gum recession and protect the vulnerable roots from decay.

Laser gum pocket reduction
Soft tissue lasers are used to clean the deep pockets of the gums and reduce their pocket depth. This is less invasive and more comfortable to the patient as it does not require the need to raise a complete gum flap.The diseased tissue and lining is removed from under the gums without harming, cutting or removing healthy tissue!

Our goal is to ensure all patients enjoy a gentle and painless dental experience by proving cosmetic laser gum treatment in Delhi. We are committed to offer the latest and the most advanced treatments to our patients in order to provide the highest standard of care available. If you’re looking for cosmetic gum treatment in New Delhi, kindly contact our office.

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