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Consult Us if :
»  You want to replace single or multiple teeth
»  You are interested in Implant supported denture
»  You are looking for a permanent solution
»  You want long lasting results

What is an Implant ?

Implants are titanium "roots" carefully placed in positions that were once occupied by your natural teeth. They can either replace a single tooth, few teeth or all the teeth. Within a few months they become secure in the bone termed as 'osteo-integration.' Osteo-integration is the key for any successful implant placement.

Am I a Good Candidate for Implant ?

Implant Consultation is important before other alternatives are considered for replacing teeth. CT scan and OPG (full mouth x-ray) are done to determine the quality and quantity of the bone present in the mouth. Most patients are good candidates for implants. A person should have good oral health. People who may be less of a candidate include heavy smokers or patients who have undergone radiation therapy as this could reduce the healing capacity.

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